Australie-Le Havre, l’intimité d’un lien

In its recent exhibition (5 June-7 November 2021), the Museum of Le Havre, one of the Baudin Legacy’s closest partners, chose a number of innovative and visually attractive means to highlight the close connections between the Museum’s extensive holdings of manuscripts, artworks and artefacts, and the history of Australia, its plants, animals and indigenous culture. 220 artworks by Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit, products of the Baudin expedition to Australia (1800-1804) were displayed alongside museum objects and contemporary Australian creations. To access information on this exhibition and to view a selection of the striking works on display, go to:

The exhibition catalogue can be obtained through its publisher, MkF éditions, by going to its site at:–l-intimite-d-un-lien–1801-2021-_0-7373031_9791092305777.html

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