Professor Jean Fornasiero, of the University of Adelaide, has long-standing research interests related to the history of ideas in nineteenth-century France, encompassing principally the period from the Revolution to the collapse of the July Monarchy. These interests extend to the work of the Institut de France and its influence on French exploration and discovery, particularly through the work of the Baudin expedition. In collaboration with John West-Sooby, she has focused on the historiography of the Baudin expedition to Australia and its contribution to science and the arts. She is the co-author, with John West-Sooby and Peter Monteath, of Encountering Terra Australis. The Australian Voyages of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders 1800-1803. In July 2005, this book was awarded the Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Prize and in 2010 it appeared in revised edition. Jean Fornasiero was awarded the Palmes académiques by the French Government in 2003. She has presented papers at international conferences on the Baudin expedition, including the 32nd Annual conference of the Society for Nineteenth-Century French Studies, University of Bloomington, Indiana, October 2006, the conference on Scientific Voyaging sponsored by the Greenwich Maritime Museum, the Royal Society of London and the University of Cambridge held in London in July 2008, and the 2009 conference on Baudin’s life and voyages held at the Royal Academy of Brussels. In collaboration with Vivonne Thwaites, she prepared the catalogue for the exhibition held in Hobart in 2010 on the marine works of Lesueur, artist of the Baudin voyage. In 2011 (with John West-Sooby), she completed a book on François Péron and his ‘spy’ document on the colony of New South Wales.

Publications on the Baudin expedition


French Designs on New South Wales, a critical edition of the Memoir on the British Settlements in New Holland by François Péron (co-author: John West-Sooby), Adelaide, Friends of the State Library of South Australia, forthcoming.

Encountering Terra Australis: The Australian Voyages of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders, 1800-1803, (co-authors: Peter Monteath & John West-Sooby), Kent Town, Wakefield Press, 2004, 411p.
Revised edition 2010, 426p.
Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Prize 2005

Edited Volumes

Explorations and Encounters in French (co-editor: Colette Mrowa-Hopkins), Adelaide, University of Adelaide Press, 2010.

The Baudin Expedition 1800-1804. Texts, Contexts and Subtexts (co-editors: Margaret Sankey & Peter Cowley), special number of Australian Journal of French Studies , 41(2), 2004, 206p.

Art Catalogues

Littoral (co-editor: Vivonne Thwaites), catalogue of the exhibition which opened in Hobart, Carnegie Gallery, April 2010, and which featured the marine works of Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and the responses of six contemporary Australian artists, April 2010, Adelaide, 5 Star Print, 2010, 52p.

Articles and Chapters

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Book Reviews

Review of Danielle Clode, Voyages to the South SeasIn Search of Terres Australes, Carlton, Vic, Miegunyah Press – Melbourne University Press, 2007, in Carnet austral, 27, September 2007, pp. 19-20.